ON4UN's Low Band DX'ing

Antennas, Equipment, and Techniques for DXcitement on 160, 80, and 40 meters. New Edition available mid-December 2010

ON4UN’s Low-Band DXing, known far and wide as the "low-bander’s bible."

Fifth Edition by John Devoldere, ON4UN. Includes antenna designs, operating guidelines, and an insider's scoop on low-band DXing. There's something in here for every active low-band operator, contester, and DX chaser! This edition is thoroughly updated with entirely new material on low-band antennas and high-gain transmitting arrays. Includes new insights and new design techniques for receiving antennas and vertical arrays. John is one of the most recognizable figures on the DX scene. He has spent more than 1,500 hours rewriting and updating ON4UN’s Low-Band DXing. New edition includes insights and new design techniques for receiving antennas, dipole's and phased arrays


CD-ROM included! This edition is bundled with the fully searchable and complete book on CD-ROM for Windows® and Macintosh® systems. (Also contains additional ON4UN software and over 2000 quality photographs.) Fifth edition with CD-ROM, © 2010, The American Radio Relay League, Inc.  #8560
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