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What's up with books and Radioware? After 35 years of selling books, I have decided enough of lugging heavy boxes to the post office and shows. There are a number of reasons but the bottom line is I cannot be competative. I will continue to sell a small selection of books and publications but the days of having almost all amateur radio books are over. I'd like to personally thank all those who bought from us in the past. It has been a fun ride. 73 Craig

N6BV's Propagation Predictions

The sunspots are rising finally! That means the upper HF bands are coming alive again after a long period of inactivity. Many newly licensed hams have never experienced the excitement of working rare DX stations on 15, 12 and 10 meters, where low power and modest antennas can produce astounding results. And as Solar Cycle 24 ramps up many old-timers long to re-experience the thrills of DXing on the higher HF bands! First shown at Visalia 2010, now available from Radioware

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Need a custom cable assembly? Call or email for pricing and avaiablity (800) 457-7373 or

Premium cable, connectors and weather boots standard with each assembly

Here's a question I often get. What is a Direct Burial Coaxial Cable? An explanation from Steve Davis, K1PEK, designer of Davis Buryflex Coaxial Cable 

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Just released! Second Edition

Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur

By Fred Hopengarten, Esq., K1VR

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