VHF/UHF Antenna Multiplexers
Duplexers, Triplexers, Quadplexers, and even Pentaplexers are available from Austin Antenna for use with Austin's and other vendor's multiband VHF/UHF antennas.Port to Port isolation is > 50dB and Insertion loss is < 0.5 dB over their respective passbands. These multiplexers handle 100 Watts of power per frequency band. All connections (in-out) are high-quality, low-loss, N female. Commercial VHF/UHF & Cellular multiplexers are also available. Fax/Email quotes for other frequency band combinations!
Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
A2MX 144/440 MHz Duplexer $145.00
A3MX 144/220/440 MHz Triplexer $163.95
ATRIX 144/440/Cellular MHz Triplexer $179.95
A4MXL 50/144/220/440 MHz Quadplexer $195.95
A4MXG 144/220/440/1200 MHz Quadplexer $195.95
A5MX HF-54/144/220/440/1200 MHz Pentaplexer $234.95