144/440 Dual Band NMO Antenna

This is a hot little dual-band performer
with built-in rubber tilt-over!

Antenna Austin Antenna's popular 500C Dual Band models provide high performance operation on 144 & 440 MHz in a single, patented antenna design. On 2 meters this antenna is an offset-fed, 1/4 wave, which lowers the radiation angle and provides an effective gain similar to taller 5/8 wave antennas when mounted on a vehicle's metal roof or trunk. On 440 MHz it's a cavity-fed, ground independent, 1/2 wave with a radiation pattern only 1 or 2 degrees off the horizon which provides effective gains similar to taller colinear designs. Only 18 inches tall the 500C handles up to 160W. Requires an NMO type mount. Two styles are available, the Stainless Whip top (500C) and a unique, flexible Soft Top design (500CS). If you want a high-performance, dual-band antenna that will really take a beating then the soft-top is for you. It's perfect for use on off-road vehicles where roof mounted antennas are often hit by low-hanging branches.

Compatible NMO Mounts:
NMO Magnet Mounts, NMO Trunk Mounts, NMO Mirror Mount,
NMO Hole Mounts, NMO Window-lip Mount

Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
A500C 144/440 Dual-band w/Stainless Whip Top $49.95
A500CS 144/440 Dual-band w/Soft Top $49.95