3 & 4 Band Metro Antennas
Metropolitan 3 & 4-banders for 144, 220, 440, 1200 MHz. Imagine a 3 or even 4 band antenna that's only 19 inches tall, yet allows simultaneous operation of up to 4 bands, from 2 meters to 1200 GHz (when used with multiplexers). But even if you don't require simultaneous operation you can still gain the neatness, simplicity, and performance of Austin Antenna's Metropolitan. These antennas operate as a 1/4 wave on all bands and require mounting on a ground plane such as a vehicle's roof or trunk. Two models are available, the 3-band covers 144/220/440 MHz and the 4-band covers 144/220/440/1200 MHz. Metropolitans will handle up to 200 Watts on any band and require an NMO mount. Order a Multiplexer with either Metro antenna & Save!

Compatible NMO Mounts:
NMO Magnet Mounts, NMO Trunk Mounts,
NMO Mirror Mount, NMO Hole Mounts,
NMO Window-lip Mount
3 band Metro 4 band Metro
Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
AMET3 144/220/440 MHz Metro Antenna $58.95
AMET4 144/220/440/1200 MHz Metro Antenna $71.95
AMET3X AMET3A & Triplexer $162.95
AMET4X AMET4A & Quadplexer $210.95