5-Band Pentenna Antennas

Replace up to 5 antennas on your vehicle with just one Pentenna!

Austin Antenna brings on the first 5-band, VHF/UHF antenna for mobile operation. Imagine replacing up to 5 different antennas on your vehicle with one classic performer!

Pentennas are available with either 6 meter or 10 meters as the lowest band. Both models cover 144, 220, 440, and 1200 MHz in addition to the selected low band. When used with the 5-band Pentaplexer, the Pentenna can operate simultaneously on all 5 bands! Transmit on one band while monitoring others, or operate cross band on any two bands without interference.

This is the ideal antenna for the new multiband, modular VHF/UHF rigs. When adding a new band module you won't have to even think about installing another antenna. The Pentenna handles 100 Watts and is only 34 (6m) or 43 (10m) inches tall with a NMO type mobile base mount. Order an Pentaplexer with either Pentenna & Save!

Compatible NMO Mounts:
NMO Magnet Mounts, NMO Trunk Mounts,
NMO Mirror Mount, NMO Hole Mounts,
NMO Window-lip Mount

Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
APEN10 5-band Pentenna w/10 Meters $122.95
APEN6 5-band Pentenna w/6 Meters $122.95
APEN10X 10m Pentenna & Pentaplexer Combo Special $349.95
APEN6X 6m Pentenna & Pentenna Combo Special $349.95