Tri-band Antenna

The Triune is a patented, tri-bander from Austin Antenna that permits simultaneous operation on 2M, 440, & Cellular radios when used with Austin's Triplexer. On 2 meters this antenna is an offset-fed, 1/4 wave, which lowers the radiation angle and provides an effective gain similar to taller 5/8 wave antennas.

On 440 MHz & Cellular it's a cavity-fed, ground independent, 1/2 wave with a radiation pattern only 1 or 2 degrees off the horizon which provides effective gains similar to tall colinear designs.

Only 18 inches tall, requiring a standard NMO mount, the Triune handles up to 160 Watts. Replace several antennas in your vehicle (both Amateur & Cellular) with one high performance Triune! Order the Austin Triplexer with the Triune and save!

Compatible NMO Mounts:
NMO Magnet Mounts, NMO Trunk Mounts,
NMO Mirror Mount, NMO Hole Mounts,
NMO Window-lip Mount

Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
ATRIUA 144/440/Cellular Triune Antenna $117.95
ATRIUAX Triune & Triplexer Combination Special $299.95