Flex-tenna CB Antenna

The Flex-tenna's flexible, conductive rubber design is ideal for off-road vehicles

Radioware's Flex-tenna CB antenna is constructed with a space age, conductive rubber compound making it truely unbreakable. Great for off-road vehicles and RV's that often hit low branches with their antennas. Only 15 inches tall, this Flex-tenna design is low profile as well. Fits standard 3/8 x 24 TPI threaded mounts and handles 25 Watts of power. Tuning is accomplished by turning a small ring near the antenna's base. Just turn the ring for minimum SWR. What could be easier?

Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
CBFLEX Flex-tenna CB Antenna $14.95
CBFLEXM Flex-tenna CB Antenna w/Magnet Mount $24.95