Weather Band Add-on CB Whip

Optimizes your existing 3/8 CB Antenna for the Weather Band!

Radioware's Weather-band Add-on Whip is optimized to pull in the Weather stations on your CB/WX radio when installed in-line with your current CB antenna. Works with all fiberglass type CB antennas as well as many other designs. Only 18.5 inches tall and black power coated for durability.

Mounts between your existing fiberglass CB antenna and mount as shown. Just unthread your existing CB antenna from its 3/8 x 24TPI mount, place the Weather-band Add-on Whip's bottom loop around the CB antenna's 3/8 base thread and then reinsert the CB antenna back into its mount.

Note: This add-on whip only is designed to work with CB radios which are equipped with a Weather Band reception switch.

Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
CBWB Weather-Band Add-on CB Whip $7.95