Condor 3-Band Duckie Antenna

Replace your ineffective Scanner duck with a high performance Condor

The Condor from Austin Antenna is the first true multiband, flexible antenna technology. Tuned 1/4 wave elements are provided on High Band VHF, UHF, & 800-1000 MHz for real antenna performance on your handheld.

While most Rubber Ducks supplied with handheld scanners are nothing more than a coil of inefficient, high loss steel, Condor is made with precision elements of copper and brass. A high desity urethane housing protects the inner elements and stands up to the toughest handling. A BNC connector is on the bottom of the Condor for compatibility with most all scanners. Try a Condor on your handheld scanner and start hearing signals you thought weren't there!

Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
CONDOR Condor 3-Band Rubber Scanner Duck $39.95