No-Radial 144 & 440 DFQ'rs

No tuning, no radials, full bandwidth,
fiberglass omnidirectional antennas

These DFQ'r antennas are the best monoband verticals available for the price. Requiring no ground plane, no tuning, no adjustments, and no radials, these antennas provides a gain of 5.12 dBi. You can hear the performance of this antenna!

The center-fed, double extended Zepp radiating elements are copper for maximum conductivity and long life. There are no aluminum to aluminum joints to corrode and degrade performance in the DFQ'r! The entire antenna is enclosed within a fiberglass radome to provide high performance in any weather.

DFQ'rs are rated for 250 Watts and mate with a standard PL-259 UHF type connector. The SWR is less than 1.5:1 over the entire 2 meter or from 440-450 MHz on the 450 band.

Antenna heights (approx):
9 ft on the 144 MHz model (DFQ144)
3 ft on the 440 MHz model (DFQ440)

DFQ'rs are provided with a 1.125 inch mounting tube for easy mounting to low cost TV type mounts. This mounting tube supplied also keeps water from getting into the SO-239 UHF connection.

Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
DFQ144 144 MHz DFQ'r Antenna $110.95
DFQ440 440 MHz DFQ'r Antenna $110.95