Glass Mount Dual Band
A glass mounting 144/440MHz dual-bander with real gain

Glass-Mount Dual Band for 144/440 MHz This dual band mobile antennas are styled in the "cellular" look for use on both the 2 meter and 440 MHz bands. Rated to handle power of 50 Watts and is field tuneable. Typical VSWR is less than 2.0:1 across the two bands. Typical gains are 2.6 dB and 4.0 dB over a 1/4 wave antenna for 2m and 440 MHz, respectively.

Comes complete with glass mounting stick-on and 14 ft of RG-58 cable terminated with a PL-259 cable. This is no cheap antenna with a painted steel whip. The whip is copper plated for high efficiency and then finished in black. The stick-on glass-mount base is also black. Overall height is about 26 inches.

Note: Glass Mounting antennas are not recommended for installation on vehicles which use Passivated Glass or Metal Film type Sunscreens. Check your vehicle's owner's manual or with your dealer if not sure.

Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
GMDB Glass Mount 144/440 Dual band $37.95