N Solder-on Plugs
2-piece, solder-on N Connectors install like PL-259s
Finally, a new two-piece N connector for 9913 cables installs just as easy as a PL-259 plug! High quality, silver-plated, teflon insulated connector that makes installing N's simple. Accepts 9913, Davis Buryflex, RG-213, RG-8, RG-11, and other 0.405" diameter jacketed Coax. Can also be used with RG8X or RG58 with adapters.
Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
WM7354 2-piece, Solder-on N Connector Plug $3.95
Bulk pack pricing (order by the Catalog # above)
10 pack Package of 10         WM7534 Connectors $35.00
25 pack Package of 25         WM7354 Connectors $85.00
50 pack Package of 50         WM7354 Connectors $165.00