PL-259 Coax Connectors
Top-of-the-line silver-plated Amphenol PL-259s

Amphenol Silver-plated

Top quality, Diallyl Phtalate (MIL-M-14F) insulated (temperature and insulation characteristics similar to teflon) Silver Plated Amphenols with Nickel Astro-plated shells. Silver-plated center pin & plug. We sell only Amphenol 83-1SP connectors. 
Amphenol PL-259s
Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
83-1SP Amphenol 83-1SP Silver Plated w/Nickel Shell $4.50
Bulk pack pricing (order as PL259 with quantity)
10 pack Package of 10 Amphenol 83-1SP $42.50
25 pack Package of 25 Amphenol 83-1SP


50 pack Package of 50 Amphenol 83-1SP



UHF Male for Andrews 1/2" Eupen and RFS cable 



UHF Females for Andrews 1/2" Eupen and RFS cable