RF-9913 Low Loss 50 ohm Coax
Recommended for VHF/UHF/800MHz Commercial, Ham, CB, and Scanner use
Our premium quality cable meets or exceeds Belden 9913 specs. At 400 MHz, this cable actually beats Belden's 9913 loss; 2.6dB vs 2.7dB for Belden. RF-9913 provides hardline-like low loss and high power handling for VHF/UHF applications at a low cost. Specs: 50 ohms, PVC-I 0.405" Jacket, Air Dielectric spiral wrapped PE, #9.5 Conductor, 88% braid plus 100% foil Shield, 84% Velocity of Propagation, and a Capacitance of 24.0 pf/ft. For cable attenuation refer to our Cable Loss Table Also provided areCoax Applications.Prices in the table below are for unterminated (i.e. no connectors) cable lengths. RF-9913Cable Assemblies terminated with either PL-259 or N connector plugs are also available.
Item Description Part # < 100 ft Price/ft < 499 ft Price/ft < 999 ft Price/ft >1000ft Price/ft
9913 Coax
50 ohm
RF9913 $1.25 $1.10 $1.00 $0.95