SWL/Scanner Antenna

Covering 500KHz-1500MHz, this small antenna is great for apartments, RV's etc

Nevada's wideband SWL/Scanner/Ham antenna is designed to cover all bands from 500 KHz to 1500 MHz. Built with a high quality fiberglass radome and stainless steel.Only 3.5 ft high this antenna is a good choice for apartments, trailers, or other limited space applications. Transmits on 144/440 MHz and is terminated in an N connector (SE1500N) or UHF connector (SE1500P).

Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
SE1500N Wideband SWL/Scan Antenna, N Connector $87.99
SE1500P Wideband SWL/Scan Antenna, UHF Connector $87.99