Seeker 800 MHz Duckie Antenna

Highest gain 800-900MHz rubber duck is great for Scanners & Commercial use

Radioware is proud to offer our newest 800 MHz antenna that beats them all! Finally there's a Rubber Duck with real gain in the 800 MHz band! Even tuned 1/4 wave antennas can't come close to matching the Seeker 800's performance. The secret is Seeker 800's patented (US Patent No. 4,940,989), 1/2 wave, ground independent, commercial quality design. Our high-performance Seeker 800 was selected by Monitoring Times for testing OptoElectronic's Scout!

Seeker 800 significantly improves 800 - 900 MHz reception on handheld and base scanners, frequency counters, and cell-phone equipment. Removes the "scratchies" from signals and picks up weak signals missed by other antennas. Only 11.75 inches tall. Lower antenna section is stiff, upper section is flexible. Connects to BNC antenna mounts.

Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
SEK800 Seeker 800 High Gain 800-900MHz Rubber Duck $59.95