Spectra Multiband Mobile

4-band performance for commercial or scanner use

Austin Antenna's Spectra is a unique, patented, multiband design that brings you unparalleled 4 band, tuned antenna performance! The Spectra covers Low Band (30-50 MHz), High-Band (150-170MHz), UHF (450-470MHz), and 800-1000MHz and is transmit capable within these bands. Power handling is 100W.

When used mobile, UHF and 800-900 MHz bands are covered by high performance 1/2 wave elements. Low and High bands are covered by Austin's exclusive, offset fed, 1/4 wave elements (which provides a lower angle of radiation and better performance than a standard 1/4 wave ground plane). Translated, you'll hear the difference because this antenna performs!

Spectra's compact 33 inch design adapts easily to all vehicles with it's low profile Motorola type, screw-on, NMO mount. The design is patented #4,940,989 and is in use by numerous commercial mobile users and avid scanner listeners alike.

Compatible NMO Mounts:
NMO Magnet Mounts, NMO Trunk Mounts, NMO Mirror Mount,
NMO Hole Mounts, NMO Window-lip Mount

Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
SPECTRA Spectra 4-Band Antenna $109.95