W2AU & W2DU Beam Baluns
Unadilla Beam Baluns These Baluns can be used on beams and quads! For matching yagi or quad elements select the beam models of the famous W2AU or W2DU baluns. These models are designed to be mounted horizontally to a beam's boom. Pigtail wires are provided in lieu of the hooks on the wire models to connect these baluns to the driven element. Specs for these beam models are the same as their respective W2AU and W2DU wire models with the exception that the W2AU and W2DU HF beam models only operate from 40 to 10 meters.
Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
W2AUB W2AU 1:1 Balun, Beam Mounting $29.95
W2AU4B W2AU 4:1 Balun, Beam Mounting $29.95
W2DUB W2DU 1:1 Balun, Beam Mounting $31.95