W2DU Line-Isolator Baluns
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Referred to as Line Isolators, these in-line baluns choke off RF currents on the shield

These 1:1, 50 ohm, Line-Isolator Baluns have an SO-239 UHF type connector on both the input and output side. Line-Isolator Baluns provide similar performance to their respective wire balun counterparts. Applications for Line Isolator Baluns include line isolation anywhere along the coax transmission system and use on Quad and Yagi antennas. The W2DU's RF choke design can be used anywhere along your coaxial transmission path to help eliminate RF feedback and TVI. While the RF currents flowing along the coax shield are "choked" out by the Line-Isolator, the internal 50 ohm signal is completely unaffected. Many users have noted a reduction in interference with the use of line isolator between their transmitters (transceivers) and linear amplifiers. Another use is placing one at the vertical, beam, or quad antenna to augment the antenna's matching system to coax.

The HF model (W2DUI) covers 1.8-30 MHz and handles over 10 KW PEP at VSWRs up to 2:1 (@10MHz). The VHF model (W2DUIV) covers 20-300 MHz. Each W2DU balun is built in a weatherized, rugged package with stainless steel hardware and SO-239 UHF connectors mounted on both ends. The W2DUI is 12" long by 1.5" diameter and weighs 6 oz. For wire antennas use W2DU Wire Mount Baluns.

Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
W2DUI W2DU HF 1:1 Line-Isolator Balun, Coaxial In-line $32.95
W2DUIV W2DU VHF 1:1 Line-Isolator Balun, Coaxial In-line $32.95