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Radio Products
XX Towers
Turn-key tower and antenna/rotor installations by KC1XX & crew
Radio T-Shirts
Check out this site for the latest in radio fashions
Call Sign Lookups
QRZ World Callsign Database
One of the best interactive callsign lookup sites
Buckmaster World Callsign Database
Another good callsign lookup site to visit
UALR's FCC Callsign Database
Data taken directly from FCC's own database
ARAS Canadian Callsign Database
A good Canadian callsign lookup site
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Communications Commission
need we say more?
FCC Forms & Instructions
need an FCC form? surf here

Radio Solar-Space Weather
HF - Propagation
Near-Real Time MUF Map
World map showing Maximum Usable Frequencies & Grayline
HF Radio Propagation Report
NOAA/USAF 24hr HF Radio Bulletins - Gopher Text only by date
General Information
Glossary of Solar-Terrestrial Terms
Don't know A from K? - Look it up
IPS Facts & Educational Material
Learn all about Space Weather right here!
Ionospheric Data
Ionosphere introduction, history, vertical incidence etc.
Geophysical Bulletins
Today's Space Weather
Overview of current conditions, includes a current solar image!
NOAA Geophysical Alert
Text only description of 24hr A & K indices/forecast
Highlights of Weekly Activity
Review of prior & Forecast for next period, Text only
27 Day NOAA Forecast
Forecast of Flux, A, & K for next solar rotation - Text only
Solar Activity
DRAO 10cm Solar Flux
Current and historical Solar 10cm Flux Data
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch
Solar information, solar images, and Mpeg movies
Yearly Mean Sunspot Numbers
Complete text listing of all years from 1700
Graphs of Weekly Indices
GIF image graphs of weekly A, SSN, Flux from '87
SPIDR Interactive Data Resource
Look up historical solar data - makes graphs
Auroral Activity
DMSP Satellite Auroral Report
Great polar map with hourly auroral oval
Spectacular Auroral Photos
Beautiful GIF images of visual auroras